Dock Sections and couplers


Because EZ Dock is virtually maintenance free and has a 30 to 40 year life expectancy you have more time to have fun in the sun and enjoy your investment for many years to come.


EZ Dock Sections are available in several sizes. 40" Wide - 60" wide and 80" wide by 10 ft in Length This allows you to configure a dock to meet your specific needs. Remember ... as your needs change so can your dock configuration.


WHy EZ Dock picture

Dock Sections

Size (W x L x H)

Weight Flotation Capacity Part #
  A 40 in. x 5 ft. Dock

40" x 5' x 15" - 1m x 1.5m x 38cm

100 lbs. - 45.4 kg

1000 lbs - 453.6 kg


  B 40 in. Dock

40" x 10' x 15"-1m x 3m x 38cm

190 lbs.- 86.2 kg

2000 lbs - 907.2 kg


  C 60 in. Dock

60" x 10' x 15" - 1.5m x 3m x 38cm

285 lbs. - 129.3 kg

3000 lbs - 1360.8 kg


  D 80 in. Dock

80" x 10' x 15" - 2m x 3m x 38cm

375 lbs. - 170.1 kg

4000 lbs - 1814.4 kg


  E Half Hex Dock

60" x 10' x 15" - 1.5m x 3m x 38cm

210 lbs - 95.3 kg

2000 lbs. - 907.2 kg


The light beige or grey color is cool and comfortable to the touch. No need to put your shoes on!

EZ Dock's patented floatation design makes EZ dock an incredibly stable floating dock.

Because floatation is distributed evenly throughout the entire installation, the dock tends to span the crest of waves instead of "riding" them like flotation barrels with decking will. The dock feels very stable even in heavy wind and wave conditions.

Most important- The deck surface is reinforced with "ribs" that run across the width of the sections. This provides a large flat deck with a solid surface to walk or roll carts and dollies on.

The decking surface is composed of a textured surface that is more slip resistant when wet then dry.

Drainage troughs extend over the width of the dock allowing water to drain away quickly.

WHy EZ Dock picture

Our special patented connection couplers are designed to allow the dock sections to move independently under high-stress conditions, reducing fatigue common in other floating dock systems.

The composite coupler bolt and nut eliminate rusting in all water conditions.