EZ Dock Installation Tips and Instructions

General Assembly Instructions

Tools Needed

  • A coupler installation tool (part # 9000010) is the only special tool that you will need to assemble the EZ Dock sections on the water.
  • A hammer ( 3 lb rubber hammer is best)
  • Ratchet, 15/16" socket
  • Coupler socket tool (provided with couplers) 
  • Allen wrench to install the cleats 
  • # 3 phillips head screwdriver

Assembling Dock Sections

*Installation on the water is the easiest. Sections are aligned and level with each other


  • Insert Coupler Bolt through bottom coupler section. Line up the “Keyed” recess and use rubber hammer to set bolt into recess of bottom coupler.
  • Load bottom of coupler & bolt assembly into coupler installation tool.
  • To keep Sections aligned while installing couplers, place two coupler halfs in the other top pockets.
  • Slide between dock sections and align coupler bolt with hole in dock pocket (start on side of dock and position tool for removal through open pocket side of dock).
  • Pull bottom coupler assembly into dock pocket. Leave tool in place until coupler is fully installed.
  • Put coupler nut onto coupler bolt and screw down at least three turns.Use a small pry bar or claw hammer to seat bottom coupler into bottom coupler pocket.
  • Remove coupler nut and insert coupler top into pocket being careful not to put excessive pressure that would push bottom coupler back out. By holding the install tool under the bottom coupler you can use your hammer to seat the top coupler.
  • Use the EZ Dock coupler installation tool and a 15/16" socket to tighten the coupler nut. Be careful not to over-tighten coupler nut.
  • Slide coupler installation tool out through the un-coupled side of dock. You may need to tilt tool as shown to free it from bottom coupler. A small Pry Bar will help to release the tool if needed.

Adjusting and Maintaining EZ Port Rollers

  • Maintain the launching and docking efficiency of your EZ Port 2, 3 and 4 by  greasing the rollers each year - this requires a special tip that will fit on any grease gun. We recomend you can use the Lincoln Grease Needle LNC-5803
  • Adjust the rollers - the watercraft should be resting on the rollers, not the dock. If they are adjusted properly the machine will rock slightly from side to side when on the dock which keeps the watercraft off the dock while launching or docking. There are several roller adjustments you can make that either raise or lower the rollers with the third roller (on the Port 3) the most critical. 

Installing a Bench

  • Keep all bolts & nuts loose until all components are attached and the bench is attached to the dock. Only then tighten the nuts.  Leaving the bolts & nuts loose allows the bench to adjust itself as you add the pieces


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