Why EZ Dock Ports and Docks?


EZ Dock ports and docks are rugged, durable, environmentally friendly, very stable in adverse conditions and cost effective.

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Rugged, Durable Construction

  • Patented connectors allow the sections to move independently under extreme stress conditions which eliminates fatigue problems common to other
    floating designs.
  • Superior resistance to impacts and temperature extremes. The extra thick deck and wall delivers maximum durability and reduces distortion. Even more thickness is built into radius areas for additional strength where impacts occur.
  • Virgin polyethylene with UV inhibitors is specifically formulated for outdoor use.
  • Highly buoyant, the sections displace only 2" of water. This leaves 13" of  freeboard. The dock height is excellent for easy access to boats, personal water craft or for swiming.
  • Docks can be left in all year as most ice conditions do not affect them.  However it is important to note where ice moves in the spring it can tear out anchoring.  
  • If moving ice is your situation then you will be happy to know that EZ Dock is quick and simple to remove for winter storage.


EZ Dock's patented system is an eco-friendly alternative to wood and foam-filled docks which can release harmful substances into their natural surroundings. Our floating, modular dock systems are composed of two parts: polyethylene sections and molded rubber couplers. Both components are made of materials that are completely harmless to the environment and can be recycled when the intended use is finished.



Huge Flotation Capacity

  Part # Section Size Weight Float Capacity

40" x 5' x 15"

1.0m x 1.5m x 38cm

100 lbs

227 kg

1000 lbs

454 kg


40" x 10' x 15"

1.0m x 3.1m x 38cm

190 lbs

80 Kg

2000 lbs

907 kg


60" x 10' x 15"

1.5m x 3.1m x 38cm

285 lbs

45 Kg

3000 lbs

1360 kg


80" x 10' x 15"

2.0m x 3.1m x 38cm

385 lbs

9 Kg

4000 lbs

1814 kg


60" x 10' x 15" Half Hex

1.5m x 3.1m x 38cm

210 lbs

113 Kg

2000 lbs

907 kg

Low Maintenance

  • No rotting lumber to replace.
  • No floatation drums to sink.
  • Linear Low Density Polyethylene is specifically formulated for outdoor use.
  • Not harmed by gas or oil.
  • Won't deteriorate or fade from exposure to Ultra-Violet light.
  • Resists temperature extremes remaining flexible to 130 degrees below zero C.
  • Hardware is Galvanized steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel to avoid rust and corrosion.



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EZ Dock parts

Stable in Heavy Wind & Waves

  • EZ Dock’s patented floatation design creates suction and compression to increase uniform stability on all corners and edges of the dock.
  • Because floatation is distributed evenly throughout the entire installation. The dock tends to span the crest of waves instead of "riding" them like flotation barrels with decking will.
EZ Dock parts

Solid - Slip Resistant Walking Surface

  • The deck surface is reinforced  with "ribs" that run across the width of the section. These ribs make the large, flat, deck a solid surface to walk on or to wheel carts and dollies on.
  • Special texturing and grid pattern delivers a surface coefficient of friction that exceeds the 
  • Drain troughs on deck prevent standing water.  
  • ADA (American Disabilities Act) requirements, wet or dry.





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EZ Dock parts

Secure Attachments

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel T-nuts are molded in pairs around section perimeters. 
  • Each T-nut provides more than 1-ton of holding power.

Designed for Easy Installation

  • Sections and accessories have a minimum of components and require just a few hand tools to install.

Cost Effective

  • EZ Dock will save you money with lower maintenance costs and longevity
  • EZ Dock is a long-term investment for the discriminating waterfront property owner.

Eight year Warranty

  • Eight year warranty on polythylene components


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